Lift Progress Gallery
Our lift installation progress.

We are pleased to meet your comfort. We are currently upgrading our elevator facilities for your convenience.

Lift Progress 14.02.2024

Installation progress on 14 February 2024

Lift Progress 15.02.2024

Installation progress on 15 February 2024

CCTV & Telephone Rearrangement

CCTV & Telephone Rearrangement from lift section by 15 February 2024

Lift Progress 19.02.2024

Wiring Rearrangement Works from lift section to temporary lobby section.

Lift Progress 21.02.2024

Installation of Rockwool Sound Insulation For Lift Section

Lift Progress 22.02.2024

Floor Drilling Work of the 1st Floor Elevator Section

Lift Progress 05.03.2024

Progress Lift Section Ground Floor to 3rd Floor

Lift Progress 13.03.2024

Site preparation works for ground floor of the lift section

Lift Progress 26.03.2024

Update on ground floor of the lift section